About Atlas

Atlas Instruments is a manufacturer of weight indicators and other field related instrumentation with over 100 years of experience and three generations of commitment to the energy industry.

As a manufacturer, we offer a complete inventory of replacement parts readily available for repair in the field: our expert technicians are available twenty four hours, seven days a week. Our service and repairs are handled without delay, both in the field, as well as at one of our repairs facilities.

As a direct manufacturer, we offer the following quality control features:

  • Precision production of each individual part.
  • Correct assembly procedure of each instrument.
  • The accuracy of the calibrated instruments.
  • The final deadline testing of each instrument to simulate field use.
  • We supply certifications, warranty equipment, quality fluid, actual tests, and charts upon request.
  • Each instrument and its installation is completely guaranteed!

We are ready to quote your company for equipment needed, ship or install our instrumentation wherever needed. We are strongly committed to serve the oil industry and our customers.

We at Atlas Instruments and Supply, Inc. are proud of our products and invite you to compare our quality and price of each instrument and its installation.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 for additional information pertaining to our products and special quotes.

We furnish a complete line of for all of your equipment and also carry an extended line of components for various types of instruments and equipment. Many of the components are already in stock, or can be made upon request.

Equipment and components can be customized based on your specifications.