tong torque assembly


The major cause of failure to drill collar, drill pipe, tubing, casing, and tool joint is improper make-up. The Atlas Tong Torque Assembly gives the driller an accurate indication of his make-up torque regardless of the type of size of pipe or tool joint.

There are two major components to the Atlas Tong Torque Assembly – the gauge and load sensor. The load sensor is a rugged hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is manufactured from the finest of raw materials such as the solid extruded stress stainless steel piston rod. As a result, the service life of these cylinders will not be affected by salt water offshore operations. The Atlas Instrument and Supply Co., Inc. is the only oil field instrument manufacturer of this solid extruded stress stainless steel piston rod within the Atlas Tong Torque Cylinder. This is one of the many examples of improved quality at no additional cost to you, our customer.


As each joint of pipe is made up, the line pull is converted to a hydraulic pressure signal within the cylinder. The signal is transmitted through high pressure host to the indicating gauge. The gauge is fluid filled and has a six inch dial reading.
A target pointer which can be set to the required torque gives the driller an easily visible mark to work to. The gauge is also provided with a pulsation damper to even out excessive pointer whip. The Atlas Torque Assemblies are available in line pull or direct ft. lb. indications made specifically for the handle length of the tong. The gauge can be mounted in front of the driller in the same cabinet with your Atlas weight indicator, or mounted on the tongs, back up post, or derrick leg. Wherever the cylinder is mounted, the tong lever must be adjusted to pull at a 90 degree angle for correction indication. This adjustment is made by increasing or decreasing the length of the back up line. The Atlas Tong Torque Assemblies can be used for drill pipe, drill collars, tubing, casing, and tool joints on manual or power tongs.

Also available in metric and standard international measurements.